Move out!

20 09 2008

Hi all, my blog has been moving to this, check it out! Thanks =)


Another Day of Another World

2 07 2008

Hm, this is story about my last week when I was working in SNMPTN Secretariat in Salemba. Began to enjoy it, well, that place is only another world for me. Last week was full with bill payments, numbers, snack, and free lunch, hehe.


16 06 2008

This is the movie I want to watch but… unfortunately, this movie is not available anymore in Theater. Actually, this movie has a good story and value, I think. I don’t know why this movie disappears very fast. I’m waiting for this DVD release now.


Again, with Magnesium!

25 05 2008

With Magnesium

Hm, live photo from McD Alam Sutera.


The Shepherd

6 05 2008

The ShepherdSharing what I got from Church last Sunday. There was a Pastor from Australia named Ps. Jerry Stott. He spoke about Psalm 23, it is a very good sermon. In many times we get happiness and sadness, just remind that the LORD is our shepherd, we shall not be in want. Don’t be frightening about your worries, He is there for us. I realize that many times we strive hard with our great efforts. Is there God in our mind? Well, I just hope I can set my mind for a better perception.


Refreshing with French Cinema

22 04 2008

At Thamrin Rd

Many duties, many burdens, huh. It didn’t disturb me to do some refreshing moment with my friends. We’d like to have a gathering on French Cinema Festival in Jakarta. After that we took some photos and had dinner together in Sarinah. As the usual, we came home at the late of night, hehe. Hm, really need refreshing, hehe. Ron

He Understands

7 04 2008

Terkadang kita merasa tak ada jalan terbuka
Tak ada lagi waktu, terlambat sudah
Tuhan tak pernah berdusta, Dia selalu pegang janji-Nya
Bagi orang percaya, mujizat nyata
Dia mengerti, Dia peduli, persoalan yang sedang terjadi
Dia mengerti, Dia peduli, persoalan yang kita alami
Namun satu yang Dia minta, agar kita percaya
Sampai mujizat menjadi nyata

I really love to hear this song.